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All You Need to Know About Morning Desert Safari Dubai

What to do in Morning Desert Safari Dubai?


Arabian Safari is the best package reseller in Dubai, from where you get the best Morning Desert Safari Dubai services. They provide complete packages for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, etc.


You can get the package with as many activities and options as in Desert Safari.

Once you enter, you will experience the thrill of combat in the dunes in a luxurious 4 × 4 vehicle.


Later, you will cross the desert safari by camel. Other exciting activities on the Morning Desert Safari Dubai Tour include quad biking and sand skiing.


There will also be a wide variety of refreshments for guests during their trip. So, hop aboard Luxury Tours as a guide through the enchanting and mysterious desert of Dubai.


For all the precious tourists who want to navigate the desert in daylight, a Morning Desert Safari Dubai Tour is the perfect bet. The shimmering sand and endless views of the majestic desert will leave you mesmerized.


Our luxurious 4 × 4 cruises will pick you up at your desired location and Drive into the desert where you will enjoy 20 minutes of exciting adventure in the dunes for the first time. From there, you will be taken to a camp where you will be served a snack.




You can then quad biking, sandboarding, or camel riding to further explore the allure of the desert. Although the trip is short but full of fun and adventures that you will remember for decades.


Morning Desert Safari Dubai


Morning Desert Safari Dubai is the best option for those who wake up early and want to enjoy the serene beauty of the desert in full sun. Escape the hectic life of the city to admire the spectacular beauty of the Desert Safari. In the morning, desert safaris are generally quiet and less crowded.


Make sure to fasten your seat belt as you head out on the wildest desert safari. The luxurious 4 * 4 land cruise will take you through the sand dunes. An exciting ride will send chills down your spine. Take advantage of the sand splashing in the vehicle to get to the next stop. Capture every moment to make it memorable. There are many stops to take pictures on the desert safari.




  • Pick up or drop off at the hotel
  • Sandboarding
  • Attacks on the dunes
  • Camel ride
  • Quad in supplement
  • Photo with Falcon at additional cost
  • Horse riding
  • The photograph
  • Drop off at the hotel or residence.


Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai


Imagine how glorious it will be to witness the sunrise on your morning desert safari. The folds of golden sand sparkle when the sun's rays hit them. Private Morning Desert Safari Dubai is cool and the atmosphere is nice in the morning.


Tourists or guests who want to enjoy this desert serenity and who also want to keep their trip private can opt for this great opportunity. The private car is for you and your family to enjoy the experience of life. Since this is a sunrise package the excitement starts early and lasts up to 4-5 hours.


Starting off with an exciting dune attack, quad biking and driving into the desert is an exotic scene. Moving through the high sand dunes in a four-wheeler adds a real touch to the driving.


Quad biking is another exciting activity to do. You can run with your brothers and friends in private in the morning. Other activities include sandboarding, camel ride, photo with hawks, etc.

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