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All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go - Morning Desert Safari (Dubai)

Travellers and nature lovers love to discover the vast expanse of the Arabian Desert. If you are in the country, you should plan a morning desert hunting excursion in Dubai. Well, you can't miss the rich experience of the desert, where unfavourable natural moods constantly praise visitors. Tour operators have offered exclusive trips to the Arabian desert, and you will enjoy a desert safari with many resources and activities.


After all, it can be an experience of a lifetime. Watch the sand dunes on the horizon and the desert trees piercing the sun. You will enjoy a long stationary walk on the sand. Inside the store, there are photos for tourists and sand dunes. If you are planning to go on a Morning Desert Safari Dubai, ask one of the tour organizers to learn about the natural charm of Arabic.


Pick and Drop

We always look for easy ways to make things easier for our clients. That is why we offer a comfortable and easy transport service. When you contact us, we will agree with your place of exchange. We have a car that will take you to the safari site and when all activities are over we will drive you back home.


Morning Desert Safari in Dubai Inclusive

Pick up from the hotel on time.

Dune driving for 40 minutes in an SUV

Breakfast will serve in the car.

Skiing and sand climbing

Camel ride (optional)

Quad bike (optional)

Drop off at the hotel


Here is the Some Best Activities you would love to indulge

The goal of every trip to the desert is to keep busy. These are some of the best and most interesting activities you can do in the Morning Desert Safari. You can treat yourself by riding a camel or do sand board. We also have a Quad bike that will make you want to ride without any issue. The morning may be the perfect time to explore the Dubai desert. There is only one way to find it.


Look at the Desert Sunrise

Early in the morning, you can see some of the best views of the desert. Watch the golden rays of the sunrise from the horizon to paint gently on the sand. The natural beauty of the morning desert is what you will want to appreciate all your life. Sunrise desert safari is Dubai's most popular attraction. Even if you are on a business trip to Dubai, you can explore the desert in a matter of working hours.


Dune Bashing

Dubai's famous Adventurous experience begins with a tour operator taking you from your hotel into the desert. Where you meet other groups (during the trip); You start your adventure to beat the head of the department. Dune bashing goes continue for 20-30 minutes, depending on your choice and your comfort.


Quad Biking

Under the rising sun, last night's rays of light and cool sands give you a great opportunity to enjoy a thrilling quad bike on a desert safari. Discovering the beauty of the desert while enjoying a quad bike is a great option. It very well may be fun and daring simultaneously. To get the most out of your joy and excitement, try learning quadruple tricks and do it yourself.


Camel Ride

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without a camel ride experience. Riding a camel is not just an activity for adults, even children can ride these magnificent animals, and it will be interesting to be so high above the ground. Although most people think that deserts are completely barren, rare fauna such as Arabian arctic species and gazelles can be seen.

You will be able to learn about how the Bedouin travelled through the desert in ancient times, and since then they have been involved in traditional activities such as henna painting, hookah, traditional falconry and belly dancing. You also get a traditional dinner. Get ready for a gastrointestinal trip, with vegetarian and vegan options.

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